1st Grade has just embarked upon our big Animal Research Project of the year; a cross-curricular study of animals and the habitats they live in! Each student will become an expert on one particular animal, including where it lives, features of this place, and what it needs to survive. We will research using non-fiction, informational texts and online resources, as well as creating visual displays of the studied habitats and animals. Further, students will create a graphic organizer in tech class to accompany a multi-paragraph paper detailing the facts they research.


To begin this study, our Wildlife Biologists have set off to explore 5 habitats across the globe: deserts, savannas/grasslands, rainforests, oceans, and tundra/arctic regions. Using picture and audio clues, these scientists are delving deep into defining features of each habitat in order to discover where they have landed. Come check in with us soon to learn more about different types of animals (mammals, fish, birds, amphibians, insects, and reptiles) and the habitats they encompass.