The 100th day of school is a BIG deal in the 1st Grade! All year we spend time during our Morning Meetings counting up the days in school, and in the subject of math, we work hard to master counting to and representing numbers up to 120. Then, on the 100th day of school we celebrate being 100 days smarter with activities centered around the number 100.


Leading up to this special day, our 1st Grade scholars design and create a special art piece to commemorate this occasion. Using 100 of 1 item (crayons, shells, straws, etc.) the artists envision and execute an artistic representation of their creative vision. Most of these pieces are created as 3-D sculptures, depicting things the children like or enjoy looking at. What the students use to create these pieces (recycled goods, other art supplies, etc.) is completely up to them, with the exception of being required to use ALL of their 100 items.  We can’t wait to see how the children make these ideas come to life!