Mr. Dean’s 6th Grade Science class has been engaged in an ongoing cross-curricular unit focusing on Egypt and mummies. Working closely teacher, Mr. Narbe and Mr. Dean have developed a project that has the interests of the students captured. First, the students learn about ancient Egypt in Social Studies. Part of the unit involves how important mummies and burial was to the culture and religion of Egypt. Then, in Science students simulate the mummification process with Mr. Dean as he guides each student through the dissection and mummification process with frogs. Once the frogs have their organs removed, except for the heart (traditionally) it is time to dry out the frogs to be preserved. To create the right mixture of ingredients to do the job, the group has to perform multiple unit conversions and measure precise quantities of the dry ingredients we use for dehydration. Dehydration takes 40-70 days which is where the students are now in their process.
In addition to the classwork, the 6th Grade class visited the King Tut exhibit at the California Science Center. There they gained insight and saw ancient artifacts related to their Egypt mummification unit. Many of the artifacts were viewed for the first time outside Egypt and the students loved learning about objects, in amazing condition, that are 3000 years old. Besides the museum exhibit, students also saw an IMAX movie about ancient Egypt. This unit is something for students in lower grades to really look forward to!