2nd Grade is a year in which students focus on strengthening their knowledge of words and their spelling. One way Ms. Ericka helps her students review their spelling and sight words is by playing a game called “Spelling Basketball”.  During this game a student from each team has an opportunity to come up and spell a word. The student can spell the word verbally or write it on the Smartboard. After spelling the determined word correctly, the student then has the opportunity to earn extra points for their team. They can stand at the 1 point, 3 point, or 5 point shooting line taped on the floor. If a basket is made, the team earns the extra points. This is repeated until every team member has had a chance to spell a word and a winner is determined.

HSH 2nd Graders truly enjoy this kinesthetic way of practicing spelling and sight words. It is also a great activity that encourages the team to support each other and to work together. Spelling Basketball is the perfect way to incorporate a little bit of sports into our academics, and is ALWAYS fun!