The Kindergarten through 2nd Grades have been keyboarding and coding. We started with the basics of learning and practicing the QWERTY keyboard, then we moved to coding puzzles; practicing sequencing and looping. The students are loving this and are thinking their way through roadblocks even when the coding gets complicated.


Third Grade has created robots using Google Drawings, these varied and creative robots will be featured on the cover of the Yearbook.


Fourth Grade has completed Slide Shows using Google Slides, their documents were meant to be “How To” presentations, some titles include “How To Survive 4th Grade” “How To Take Care of a Hamster” and “How To Make Slime” Enjoy this example of “Caring For a Dog” by Emily Mansourian.


Fifth Grade are still working on creating unique book covers for their class reading book “Hold Fast”. They have been tasked with creating the cover, spine and flaps in Google Drawings. These covers will be used as their new covers.


Sixth Graders are creating websites in order to present themselves to their new prospective secondary schools.


A Kindergartner Coding!