Ms. Barbra’s Kindergarten friends have just been introduced to the Peace Stick. The Peace Stick allows the children to practice peaceful conflict resolution, cooperation, and respect within their classroom community. It establishes self-awareness and expression, self-actualization, and problem-solving skills.
The Peace Stick is a concrete and valuable tool for children to understand that we can get along with one another through communication and cooperation. 
The Peace Stick is used whenever a conflict or disagreement arises, regardless of whether the event is big or small. Both children get the chance to express themselves while holding the Peace Stick. They are empowered to advocate for themselves and take responsibility in solving their own problems. 
As a result of using the Peace Stick, children often carry their ability to communicate their needs and resolve conflicts to places outside the classroom community. 
How does it work?
First, bring the Peace Stick to the person you want to talk to.
Say the person’s name: Ms.Barbra
State your feeling(s): I feel sad that…
Declare the event that caused the feeling(s): …you took my pencil without asking.
Name what you would like to be different next time: Please ask me when you want to use my pencil.
Next, the stick is carefully passed to the other person. 
The person is then allowed to respond with their own feelings and solution for the next time: Ms.Barbra, I didn’t mean to take your pencil. I will ask you next time if I can use it. 
Finally, both children gently hold the Peace Stick together and say: Friends.