Our 1st  Grade friends have taken flight in the subject of Science! We are starting the year learning about air and weather. The unit opened with a discussion about what we already know about air: “We breath air”, “Air comes out of the walls”, “Trees make air”. The children then spent the next several lessons doing experiments to see how air is all around us, taking up space, despite the fact that we cannot see it. They designed paper airplanes and helicopters to model how air can lift objects. Most recently, the scientists used what they have learned and seen in regard to air to complete a STEAM challenge: invent a tool that can “show” air. The parameters for this challenge were that students had to work with another peer, using at least 3 of 6 designated supplies to design a tool to “show” air, with only 15 minutes to do it! Teamwork and collaboration prevailed! In the end the scholars learned that the inventions that were lightweight worked best.