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DEPARTMENT: Administration

REPORTS TO: Assistant Head of School

PEERS: Director of Early Childhood Education., Student Support

STATUS: Full-time, 12-month, exempt

CORE COMPETENCIES:   Develops Talent, Plans and Aligns, Drives Results, Resourcefulness

JOB SUMMARY:  The Director of Teaching and Learning assures an environment of fearless curiosity by delivering outstanding teaching in a mix of traditional and progressive pedagogy.  The director values a school culture of joyful learning and realizes that individual teacher potential has the capacity to apply their own style to advance the fidelity of the school’s program    The Director of Teaching and Learning reports to the Assistant Head of School, and collaborates with the Director of Early Childhood Education and the Director of Student Support.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The Director of Teaching and Learning serves as a member of the academic leadership team, demonstrates good attendance, and sets a professional standard within the school environment.  Director of Teaching and Learning leads efforts to coordinate and implement action steps relating to curriculum and the academic experience through the following primary responsibilities:

Support in word and deed the mission, vision, and culture of Hollywood Schoolhouse;

Demonstratively value differences, focus on equity, and breathe the life of our institutional diversity statement.

Oversee curriculum and assure mission-appropriate classroom experiences;

Develop teacher potential through coaching and individualized professional development planning;

Coordinate Faculty/Staff professional development, in conjunction with institutional strategic goals;

Create individual schedules to assure mission-appropriate school experience;

Coordinate/Implement action steps in accordance with the school’s strategic plan and individual stated goals;

Actively contribute to the teacher evaluation program led by the Assistant Head of School;

Oversee and control academic data gathering, including

Educational Records Bureau testing, Informatives, and Cumulative Folders;

Develop transition strategies and assure learning as students advance grade levels and identify mindful secondary placement; and

Maintain school Curriculum Guide and assure its alignment with school experience.

Be a liaison to parents, students, and teachers in regards to academic support.

Hold parent meetings throughout the  year for curriculum updates and student engagement.


Participate in professional organizations that help maintain current, innovative expertise in independent educational trends.

Such other duties that may be assigned from time to time.

QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS:  Master’s Degree preferred. Teaching credential, Extensive classroom experience, current knowledge of pedagogical trends, and proficiency in the Google Suite required.  Must value differences, thrive in a human environment, and possess excellent written and oral communication skills.

Early Childhood Lead Teacher


Hollywood Schoolhouse knows, values, and encourages fearless curiosity. Through a blended program of innovative academics and structured learning, our diverse community inspires students to be academically strong, artistically proud, physically active, and socially grounded.


Hollywood Schoolhouse is a community that nurtures, supports, and inspires students throughout their journey in primary education by balancing the best of progressive and traditional instruction. Our focus on academic excellence through a multifaceted curriculum creates students who thrive – with minds nourished, bodies solid, and voices strong.

We are a community of engaged students, passionate educators, bold leaders, and invested parents who celebrate diversity and the everyday accomplishments that mark each individual’s growth. We work in concert to instill the joy of learning by providing students a safe place to take risks. At Hollywood Schoolhouse, we measure success not only by our graduates’ confidence, poise, and academic strength but by the truly exceptional citizens they become.

Teaching at Hollywood Schoolhouse

Hollywood Schoolhouse seeks dynamic educators to teach our students and be a part of the HSH community.

With Respect to Children

  • Is responsible for the learning process, the instruction of curriculum, and all student evaluations at the level assigned.
  • Understands the school’s Mission.
  • Teaches in accordance with the school’s Mission and educational philosophy.
  • Guides and counsels children individually and as a class as necessary.
  • Confers with appropriate school personnel when issues of student concern arise.
  • Is familiar with the academic, social-emotional, and health history of each child.
  • Instructs students in fire, earthquake drills and any other emergency procedures as needed.
  • Seeks helpful input from appropriate school personnel regarding the needs of students.
  • Helps students develop socially and emotionally, as responsible, respectful persons.

With Respect to Parents

  • Communicates regularly with parents, keeping them informed of changes in a child’s performance and behavior.
  • Treats families as people first and works to make them feel known, valued, and encouraged.
  • Prepares report cards (bi-annually)
  • Conducts scheduled parent conferences according to the school calendar and other conferences as necessary.
  • Communicates via email (kaymbu), daily / weekly emails and/or class newsletter as expected per division.
  • Returns emails within 24 hours

With Respect to Classroom and Supervision

  • Creates a classroom environment conducive to learning; an atmosphere where creativity, mutual respect, and self-esteem are valued and modeled.
  • Develops a classroom management plan that is aligned with the school mission.
  • Posts class schedules and notices for student viewing, providing verbal explanations as necessary.
  • Maintains a clean and organized classroom.
  • Regularly updates bulletin boards and student work in accordance with the curriculum.
  • Supervises children in and outside of the classroom as required

With Respect to the School and Administration

  • Role models clarify and enforce philosophy, standards, and regulations as outlined in the Handbook.
  • Fulfills additional duties as assigned by the administration.
  • Prepares for and attends all scheduled divisional meetings and all school faculty meetings.
  • Shows continued growth and enhancement of skills and knowledge through professional development.

With Regard to the Staff Handbook

  • Reads and understands the Staff Handbook.
  • Follows the policies and procedures outlined in the Staff Handbook.

Position Requirements

  • Child Development Lead Teacher permit (BA in Child Development preferred)
  • Two years of successful, full time, lead teaching experience in Early Childhood program
  • Demonstrated success working with students

This position is salary based with benefits.

Assistant Head of School