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Close Up Photography Contest

Ms. Lisa’s Photography students have created a close-up contest. They’ve used their cameras to capture things you’ve seen around the school. The students used interesting angles and perspectives in order to challenge you. They’ve kept [...]

May, 2018|Enrichment, Upper Elementary|

​Animals and Their Habitats

​After Spring Break, both 1st Grade classes have been immersed in all things related to animals and their habitats.  ​ ​The children have been learning about what a habitat is, how it is characterized, and [...]

May, 2018|Lower Elementary|

5th Grade Geometry

Mr. Todd’s Math class is in the midst of a geometry unit. Thus far, we have learned how to measure and create angles with a protractor, about types of triangles, and about the properties of [...]

May, 2018|Upper Elementary|

Student Author Section in the HSH Library

Hello HSH Parents!   This week we launched the Student Author section in the Library!    Student authors and illustrators in Kindergarten through 6th Grade have submitted beautiful works including picture books, how-to-draw books, graphic [...]

May, 2018|Enrichment|

Frogs on a Log

Ms. Barbra's class recently undertook the Frogs on a Log STEAM Challenge! Using only one sheet of copy paper, the children were challenged to create a “log” to lay across the bowl (pond). The bridge [...]

May, 2018|Lower Elementary|