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Frog Mummification

Combining curriculum from Math, History, and Science class, the 6th Graders reviewed ancient Egyptian mummification, mixed appropriate ratios to create a custom salt mixture, then dissected and mummified frogs!  Students were in awe after their [...]

February, 2018|News, Upper Elementary|

6th Grade Pharaohs

6th Graders are in the middle of a unit where they are completing self portraits using different conceptual parameters. The concept of a self portrait is flexible. A word can describe you. So can a [...]

February, 2018|Upper Elementary|

“Any Dream Will Do”

Hollywood Schoolhouse students are just coming off a very successful run of a magical and inspiring show titled, “Any Dream Will Do.”  “Any Dream Will Do,” was a holiday musical journey, conceived by Mr. Ray, [...]

February, 2018|Enrichment|

Arrays All Around Us

3rd Grade has been working on strategies of multiplication in Math recently. They have been practicing making equal groups, arrays, using a number line, and properties of multiplication. Students took a walk around campus to [...]

February, 2018|Lower Elementary|

The Life of Van Gogh

In 4th Grade, students are learning about the life of Vincent Van Gogh. They studied his style of Post-Impressionism and also examined the details of his Starry Night painting. Students talked about the short brush [...]

February, 2018|Enrichment|