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Kindergarten Peace Stick

Ms. Barbra's Kindergarten friends have just been introduced to the Peace Stick. The Peace Stick allows the children to practice peaceful conflict resolution, cooperation, and respect within their classroom community. It establishes self-awareness and expression, [...]

September, 2018|Lower Elementary|

Sign-Up For Our Swim Program!

Aside from providing the coaches that instruct our students in their weekly swim instruction, Swim Academy is available and beloved by the Schoolhouse community for private lessons, semi-private lessons, group classes, junior swim team, competitive [...]

August, 2018|Enrichment|

BLAST After School Ready For Sign-Ups!

Why should learning and discovery stop just because school is over? Balancing Learning After School Together (or BLAST) is Hollywood Schoolhouse’s official afterschool program that offers everything from Hip Hop to Ballet and Lego Robotics [...]

August, 2018|Enrichment|