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Welcome to HSH, Caterpillars!

The Caterpillars have adjusted quickly to their new Preschool environment. During their first few weeks of school, they have engaged in activities that helped them get to know one another and their classroom. The Caterpillars [...]

October, 2018|Uncategorized|

Building Bridges with Buddies

Recently, Ms. Francesca’s 3rd Graders participated in a STEAM challenge with their Panda buddies. The task was to design a bridge that could hold one or more mini pumpkins or gourds. This was an extension [...]

October, 2018|Lower Elementary|

Welcome to Ms. Wendy’s Classroom

Responsive Classroom is an evidence-based approach to education that focuses on the strong relationship between academic success and social-emotional learning. The Responsive Classroom approach empowers educators to create safe, joyful, and engaging learning communities where all [...]

October, 2018|Upper Elementary|

Welcome Back from the Art Studio

Welcome to a brand-new school year in wonderful world of Art! Art classes are gearing up to a great start. All of our Elementary friends are full of excitement and enthusiasm and seem ready to learn and try new [...]

September, 2018|Lower Elementary|

The Lions’ Imagination Safari

The Lions recently traveled to Africa to explore lions and many other safari animals, magically without leaving our campus! First they learned some fun facts about each animal, and eventually they ended with a safari adventure. The Lions' safari [...]

September, 2018|Early Childhood|

Number Bonds in 2nd Grade

Ms. Ericka's 2nd Grade class has stepped into a new math program! The students have begun to learn different strategies and ways to solve problems. Number bonds is one of those strategies. Number bonds let [...]

September, 2018|Lower Elementary|