The Power of Words

As I share my words, I will borrow from others. “Your word is the power that you have to create. It is a gift.” -Don Miguel Ruiz From the first words we speak to those [...]

February, 2020|News, Upper Elementary|

ECE Helping Hands

The Dolphins happily participated in our annual ECE Helping Hands Sale! On Helping Hands Day, the ECE programs team up to raise money to shine light on the siblings and families of critically ill children in [...]

February, 2020|Early Childhood, News|

Passion Projects

Passion Projects have started in the preschool classrooms! They are wonderful and one of my favorite aspects of our ECE curriculum! For the remainder of the school year, each child will get to share their [...]

January, 2020|Early Childhood, News|

A Winter Show Reflection

For many years, I have been thrilled to conceive and create our Winter Shows for Hollywood Schoolhouse. This includes; deciding on a show idea, creating vocal medley’s, dance numbers, show scripts, set pieces, lighting design [...]

January, 2020|Enrichment, News|