The caterpillars were thrilled to welcome their grandparents and special friends to spend the day with them in school just before the Thanksgiving holiday break. As their special guests arrived, the Caterpillars gave their grandparents and special friends a tour of their classroom and the Preschool Yard. Once their morning began, the Caterpillars sat for circle time with their special guest and introduced them to everyone with big smiles on their faces!
After everyone had a turn telling their classmates who they brought to school with them, the Caterpillars sat at the tables with their guest to begin a special art project. For their project the Caterpillars traced their guest’s hands, as well as theirs. They then painted a frame and placed stickers on the border for their guest to take home. The Caterpillars were so proud to show their guests their daily school routine. We can’t wait until next year!