Ancient History and Science in Action

 Mr. Dean’s 6th Grade Science class has been engaged in an ongoing cross-curricular unit focusing on Egypt and mummies. Working closely teacher, Mr. Narbe and Mr. Dean have developed a project that has the interests of the students captured. First, the students learn about ancient Egypt in Social Studies. Part of the unit involves […]

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A Modern Ride to a Historic Time

HSH 4th Graders went back in time on their trip to the Wells Faro History Museum in Downtown Los Angeles a few weeks ago. To arrive there, however, they used the modern Metro and the unique Angel’s Flight railway. Once at the museum, our students soaked up knowledge about transportation systems, economics, […]

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Creative Writing in 5th and 6th Grade

As we move closer to Spring Break, the 5th and 6th Grade Language Arts classes are not slowing down! Students continue to work on grammar lessons, enjoy their novels, type reports on Black History and Art History, write poetry, and participate in the online simulation “Place Out Of Time.”

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Our Student Columnist in the Los Feliz Ledger

Each year, a 6th Grade student is selected as a representative for Hollywood Schoolhouse to write monthly articles for the Larchmont Chronicle and the Los Feliz Ledger. This year’s student columnist, Lane Lee, was recently featured in the Los Feliz Ledger for her article on our 6th Graders’ Women of Ahmisa project. […]

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The Chinese Art of Making Paper

In History, 6th Graders recently learned that the Ancient Chinese were the first to invent modern day paper. With the help of Mr. Dean in Science class, the students were able to make their own Chinese paper. Once the paper dried, the students were able to write on it using a Chinese […]

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Recently, in 6th grade Current Events, the class was asked to imagine which inspirational woman of wonder they would nominate for the Barbie Sheroes collection. This cross curricular project overlapped with their Language Arts and Technology classes in which they wrote Haiku poems and designed a visual to accompany their research that explores and celebrates […]

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Frog Mummification

Combining curriculum from Math, History, and Science class, the 6th Graders reviewed ancient Egyptian mummification, mixed appropriate ratios to create a custom salt mixture, then dissected and mummified frogs!  Students were in awe after their first dissection, and excited to check back in with the mummification process in 40 days.



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6th Grade Pharaohs

6th Graders are in the middle of a unit where they are completing self portraits using different conceptual parameters. The concept of a self portrait is flexible. A word can describe you. So can a photograph. A simile can stand for you, a metaphor too. Styles change and so does the idea of the self.
To […]

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