6th Grade Speaker Series

This year, our 6th Grade students are enjoying a special Speaker Series featuring different HSH parent speakers. Each month, our 6th Grade students enjoy lunch with a guest speaker to hear more about their career path, personal life, and any advice for our students as they think about the next steps in their own lives! […]

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4.5 Million Years of History in 6th Grade

The 6th Grade History class has been learning about early humans and their evolution from primitive hominids to the Homo Sapiens that we are today. The 6th Graders made an impressive timeline illustrating and labeling the evolution of humans over 4.5 million years. They presented their artwork during our September Community Circle and […]

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California Geography

Students in 4th Grade are learning about California’s Geography. They have learned the four major regions – Mountain, Coastal, Desert, and Central Valley. On blank maps, they located and labeled where Oregon, Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, and the Pacific Ocean border California. In addition, they are learning about California’s landforms and how they are constantly changing. […]

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4th Grade Visits the Wells Fargo Museum

The 4th Grade recently visited the Wells Fargo Museum in Downtown Los Angeles.  The children were able to see California history come alive!  They explored an authentic stage coach and telegraph office.  It was easy to make connections between the curriculum we have focused on in class and the Gold Rush relics on display in […]

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The International Poetry Guild

In our continued effort to learn outside the four walls of the classroom, Mr. Todd and Ms. Abi’s 6th Grade Language Arts classes have teamed up for the second year to participate in the International Poetry Guild.

The students began this journey by submitting a brief introduction about themselves online to their mentors at the University […]

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