​Animals and Their Habitats

​After Spring Break, both 1st Grade classes have been immersed in all things related to animals and their habitats.  ​
​The children have been learning about what a habitat is, how it is characterized, and what different types there are. The children wore safari hats […]

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Frogs on a Log

Ms. Barbra’s class recently undertook the Frogs on a Log STEAM Challenge! Using only one sheet of copy paper, the children were challenged to create a “log” to lay across the bowl (pond). The bridge needed be able to support at least eight cubes (frogs).
Each group […]

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​Life on a Rancho

Our 3rd Graders recently had the opportunity to visit the Leonis Adobe Museum in Calabasas. They had an amazing day experiencing life on an 1800’s Rancho! Students churned butter, made tortillas, used a mortar and pestle to grind up corn, rounded up cattle, pumped water, […]

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​1st Grade Data Collectors

The 1st Graders have just begun learning about what data is and how it can be represented in graphs! After learning how to read various kinds of graphs (picture graphs, bar graphs, and tally charts), the children applied their knowledge, creating their own graphs. […]

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A Mid-Week Review of DREAM Week from Ms. Cricket’s Kindergarten

The Kindergarten students are having so much fun participating in our DREAM week activities. Ms. Cricket’s Class hosted the “Marshmallow Hot Shots“ with Mr. Dean, our science teacher, where students got to work with their 1st Grade friends to construct marshmallow launchers using cardboard tubes, balloons, and rubber bands. After, they worked to launch marshmallows […]

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Scrap-kins Creatures and Writing Descriptive Paragraphs

Our 3rd Grade friends recently attended the Scrap-kins assembly led by the author of the Build-It Books, Brian Yanish. The children were inspired by his use of recycled materials to create innovative creatures. After the assembly, the children used recycled paper rolls in order to create their very own unique creatures.  

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Second Grade Students Travel to Chinatown

The 2nd Grade classes recently took a trip to Chinatown!
It is a 2nd Grade tradition to venture off to Chinatown via The Metro. As a way to prepare for our trip, we read stories in class about a subway station, and celebrating Lunar New Year. We discussed subway safety and etiquette prior to our […]

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100 Days of School

On February 26th, our 1st Grade friends celebrated 100 days of school. ​It was an exciting day ​for all of the children and involved many creative projects, STEAM challenges, and engaging math lessons.​
Here are some of the activities the children did:

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Compliment Scoot

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Ms. Ericka’s 2nd Grade class was inspired to spread kindness after reading a Valentine’s themed book.  They decorated hearts and came up with some thoughtful compliments for each and every friend in the class. Ms. Ericka called the activity “Compliment Scoot”.  The children “scooted” around to each classmate’s desk […]

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