Chicka Chicka Boom Boom in Kindergarten

Ms. Cricket’s class has been having lots of fun with upper and lowercase letters! One of our favorite books they’ve read recently was Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. In class, they incorporated a STEAM activity to go along with the story. The class worked in teams to build a three-dimensional […]

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Exploring Air in 1st Grade

Our 1st  Grade friends have taken flight in the subject of Science! We are starting the year learning about air and weather. The unit opened with a discussion about what we already know about air: “We breath air”, “Air comes out of the walls”, “Trees make air”. The children then spent the next […]

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Dancing Raisins in 2nd Grade

Ms. Ericka’s 2nd Graders are beginning a scientific study of solids, liquids, and gases.  Throughout the unit they will observe the properties of many solids, liquids, and gases and through multiple investigations, students will learn how to communicate, compare, and organize their thinking process and inquiries.  

As an intro to the […]

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Apple Jack Math in Kindergarten

Our Kindergarten friends love to intertwine their units in Ms. Barbra’s class. This past week, the students incorporated their Science unit on apples into their Math unit on numbers to 5.

To begin, the students were given a cup full of Apple Jacks cereal. Then they worked in small groups sorting, […]

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HSH 3rd Graders Visit Watts Towers

Just recently, HSH 3rd Graders had the opportunity to visit the Watts Towers! Students were in awe of the amazing structure of the towers and the colorful tiles that adorned them. Their tour guide, Mr. James taught the students that an Italian immigrant, Sam Rodia, created this massive landmark all alone, using the simplest of […]

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Compost and Earthworms in 2nd Grade

Wondering what 2nd Grade has been up to? Second graders have been busy learning about soil, composting, and earthworms. They used rocks to crush bark, and leaves, sand, and plant roots to make their own soil. Students learned about the benefits of composting by bringing in a variety of kitchen scraps. Then they created their […]

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3rd Grade’s Whirlwind Tour of LA Landmarks

HSH 3rd Graders stepped into the role of docents recently and took their parents and the school community on a mini tour of the many historical landmarks of Los Angeles! Each student presented facts, history, pictures, and general information on an LA landmark. In addition, they built mini replicas of their buildings by using recyclable […]

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