Lower Elementary

2nd Grade Mock Museum

One of our big projects in 2nd Grade is the Mock Museum. To begin, the each student picks a person of interest, and then reada biography about that person to find facts. Along the way, the students answer guided questions, which help […]

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1st Grade Animal Research Project

1st Grade has just embarked upon our big Animal Research Project of the year; a cross-curricular study of animals and the habitats they live in! Each student will become an expert on one particular animal, including where it lives, features of this place, and what it needs to […]

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2nd Grade Goes to Chinatown

During the past few weeks, HSH 2nd Graders have been learning about the Lunar New Year. Students have also read stories about Chinatown and the subway system in preparation for our field trip to Chinatown! Throughout our day in Chinatown, students were able […]

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100 Days of School in 1st Grade

The 100th day of school is a BIG deal in the 1st Grade! All year we spend time during our Morning Meetings counting up the days in school, and in the subject of math, we work hard to master counting to and representing numbers up to 120. Then, on […]

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With Open Hands

This week, our 3rd Grade students started their first cross-curricular novel study with the novel “With Open Hands.” This novel highlights the story of Bridget “Biddy” Mason, a heroine who was born into slavery and when freed, she used her voice and power to help others.  Through reading her […]

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Cooking in Kindergarten

Ms. Nicole and Ms. Cassandra’s Kindergarten class has been busy both in the classroom and in their metaphorical kitchen! Guest Chef is a Kindergarten tradition that brings families of Kindergarteners into the classroom once a week for a unique cooking experience. Guest Chef is an important part of […]

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