Performance News

HSH Performance Classes are excited about all the wonderful shows they are preparing for this school year.  The Kindergarten has already presented a choreographed piece to the song “Free To Be, You And Me,” and the 5th and 6th Graders performed, a two part choral piece titled, […]

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5th & 6th Grade Outdoor Ed

“Inspired Learning, Fearless Curiosity.” This motto does not only apply to our academics here at Hollywood Schoolhouse. It is a belief system that is intertwined with our core values that we hope each student carries with them on their educational journey here and beyond!

Recently, our 5th & 6th Grade classes returned from their Outdoor Education […]

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Close Up Photography Contest

Ms. Lisa’s Photography students have created a close-up contest. They’ve used their cameras to capture things you’ve seen around the school. The students used interesting angles and perspectives in order to challenge you. They’ve kept in mind everything they’ve learned about composition in order […]

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Student Author Section in the HSH Library

Hello HSH Parents!
This week we launched the Student Author section in the Library! 
Student authors and illustrators in Kindergarten through 6th Grade have submitted beautiful works including picture books, how-to-draw books, graphic novels, short stories, poetry, non-fiction and chapter books.
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Pandas in the Garden

The Panda class has enjoyed their time at our school garden, learning with Ranger Flo. Throughout the month of April, the children observed the new buds and growth on the peach tree, planted cucumber, summer squash and watermelon seeds, harvested lettuce, and tasted nasturtium […]

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2018 Fine Arts Exhibitions

HSH is excited to announce the ​2018 Fine Arts Exhibitions!
The children are working hard to present a show encouraging community, empowerment and unity. 
Our show will showcase many dance styles and […]
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Hello from the Library!

The Spring Book Fair was a HUGE success! A massive THANK YOU to our students, families, faculty and volunteers for making this our most successful fair yet.
The funds we raised will go straight towards purchasing new books for the Library. Students have […]
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