The Busy Bears Practice Mindfulness

As we start the new school year, the Busy Bears have been learning the beauty of mindfulness meditation. During their practice, the Busy Bears have been focusing their attention on their breath. As they inhale, they pretend to smell a flower and as we exhale we pretend to blow a candle. Recently, they […]

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The Lions Go On Safari

The Lions class traveled to Africa recently to learn all about lions and other animals you might see on a safari including giraffes, zebras, and elephants. The Lions made lion masks, safari animal crafts, and danced to African folk music. They also played the djembe drums, did animal dress-up, and went on a […]

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The Pandas Meet a Bearded Dragon

The Panda class took a field trip to the Science Lab recently to meet Mr. Dean’s bearded dragon, ZZ. The Pandas were studying desert life, including plants and animals, during Finn’s Passion Project. The children were excited to learn ZZ eats vegetables and meats, just like humans. During our visit the children watched […]

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Sea Turtles Visit the Garden

The Sea Turtles took their first trip to the garden last Monday. They were so excited about walking to the garden and meeting Master Gardener, Flo. While at the garden we were able to partner with Ms. Jessica’s 2nd grade. The children planted green onion seedlings together. The Sea Turtles enjoyed having the opportunity to […]

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The Dolphins Visit Ancient Greece

This month the Dolphins entered the magical world of Ancient Greece. The children have been exploring the architecture, mosaics, climate, geography, foods, and the Greek alphabet. They created the Parthenon, wrote their names using the Greek alphabet, and created beautiful mosaics using pebbles and stones. When learning about education during that time, the Dolphins were […]

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