Pandas in the Garden

The Panda class has enjoyed their time at our school garden, learning with Ranger Flo. Throughout the month of April, the children observed the new buds and growth on the peach tree, planted cucumber, summer squash and watermelon seeds, harvested lettuce, and tasted nasturtium […]

2018-05-04T19:59:56+00:00May, 2018|Early Childhood, Enrichment|

​Passion Projects by the Caterpillars

The Caterpillars are enjoying learning more about their friends each week as they take turns sharing their Passion Projects. These projects are an exciting opportunity for the Caterpillars, our youngest ECE students, to practice expressing themselves. They each chose one topic and present it […]

2018-04-27T20:21:56+00:00April, 2018|Early Childhood|

A Very Musical Passion Project

One of our Junior Kindergarten friends recently shared their love of music with the rest of the Dolphins during their Passion Project! As a whole group, ​the Dolphins created a magnificent Music Wall outside. They had pots and pans, utensils, colanders, and pie molds. Not only did it sound good, the Music Wall look​ed good […]
2018-04-16T17:17:30+00:00March, 2018|Early Childhood|

Penguin Art

The children in the Penguin class have been exploring a unit on art thanks to Ms. Esmeralda’s Passion Project. Her poster board demonstrated some of her favorite styles such as marble, geometric, and mosaic art. The students also read the book The Dot, a great story that encouraged self-expression. The Penguins also read Emily’s […]
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Helping Hands Day

The Busy Bears (and all of their ECE friends) were quite busy creating the most unique and fun crafts from recycled items this January. On January 31st, they opened their classroom doors to sale these awesome crafts and raise money for the Elizabeth A. MacDonald foundation ( We have worked with this wonderful foundation for […]

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The Caterpillars Enjoy Grandparents and Special Friends Day

The caterpillars were thrilled to welcome their grandparents and special friends to spend the day with them in school just before the Thanksgiving holiday break. As their special guests arrived, the Caterpillars gave their grandparents and special friends a tour of their classroom and the Preschool Yard. Once their morning began, the Caterpillars sat for […]

2018-02-23T20:59:09+00:00February, 2018|Early Childhood|

The Busy Bears Practice Mindfulness

As we start the new school year, the Busy Bears have been learning the beauty of mindfulness meditation. During their practice, the Busy Bears have been focusing their attention on their breath. As they inhale, they pretend to smell a flower and as we exhale we pretend to blow a candle. Recently, they […]

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The Lions Go On Safari

The Lions class traveled to Africa recently to learn all about lions and other animals you might see on a safari including giraffes, zebras, and elephants. The Lions made lion masks, safari animal crafts, and danced to African folk music. They also played the djembe drums, did animal dress-up, and went on a […]

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