Early Childhood

Dinosaur Passion Project

The Sea Turtles learned all about dinosaurs for a child’s passion project. He taught us that dinosaurs hatch from eggs and that some were carnivores and some were omnivores. Over the week we became paleontologists and dug for real fossils, created our own Jurassic world, hatched dinosaur […]

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Superhero Art with the Pandas

The Pandas recently created their own superhero characters. They have been practicing their writing and fine motor skills through our Handwriting Without Tears program. As they grow comfortable forming the letters with big and little lines and curves we used the same vocabulary to build […]

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The Dolphins and Mat Man

The Dolphins are exploring the world of Mat Man through music and building. During our whole group activity the Dolphins worked together and created Mat Man. Mat Man is a character from our Learning without Tears program that teaches drawing with a unique approach […]

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