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Ryan Becker

Ms. Ryan joined the Schoolhouse family during the 2013 academic year, and is our Elementary Spanish teacher.

Born outside of Cleveland, Ryan was immersed in music from birth and spent most of her childhood and adolescence learning different musical instruments and vocal techniques, studying music theory and composition, playing in local bands, and participating in music competitions. Her first experience with a language other than English was through classical vocal training including operatic arias and oratorios.

When her family was transferred to Chicago when she was a teenager, Ryan quickly discovered what would become another of her passions—the Spanish language. Spanish (like music) came naturally to Ryan, so when it was time to go to college, Ryan studied Spanish Business Translation in conjunction with Music Composition. She graduated in 2007 from Northern Illinois University, and since then has received her Transitional Bilingual Education Certification, Spanish Interpreter Certification, and her California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential.

Ryan began working in education in 2008 when she was hired by an Illinois school district as a Spanish Interpreter and Translator. She enjoyed herself so much, that she decided to forego her full-time translation business to help enrich others’ lives and culture through language, and pursued the education necessary to support learners of any foreign language—including those whose native language is not English. Since then, she has taught Spanish Immersion, Bilingual Preschool, English Learners, and Spanish as a Foreign Language.

Currently, Ryan teaches K-6th Grade Spanish at the Schoolhouse. Additionally, she has her own Spanish translation business (specializing in education, maritime, and entertainment translation, and video game localization), and also continues to make music by working in sound-tracking and voice-over.

In her free time, Ryan likes to race sailboats, make music, go to festivals, and dance.

Favorite Food:
Favorite Book:
The Gunslinger (series), Stephen King
Favorite Album:
White Album, the Beatles
Favorite Song:
A Day in the Life, the Beatles
Favorite HSH Event/Tradition:
The Multi-Cultural Fair