6th Graders Mummify Frogs!

A few months ago, the 6th Graders, with the help of Dylan and Evie, were able to mummify frogs with similar ingredients to the ones that the Ancient Egyptians used to preserve their dead. This project was a cross-curricular collaboration between Mr Dean’s Science class and Mr Narbé’s History class. Last week, the frogs were finally mummified after being covered for a long period of time. Mr Narbé’s History class had fun decorating each individual sarcophagus with Hieroglyphic writings.  They used a very interesting English-Hieroglyph translating program in order to write their names or favorite phrases. The Ancient Egyptians would have been proud of the work of these 6th graders!

2017-10-23T22:03:20+00:00 June, 2017|Upper Elementary|