100 Days of School

On February 26th, our 1st Grade friends celebrated 100 days of school. ​It was an exciting day ​for all of the children and involved many creative projects, STEAM challenges, and engaging math lessons.​
Here are some of the activities the children did:
1. Adding 100 stickers to a crown 
2. Counting ​10 groups of 10 “goodies​” to make a trail mix
3. ​Graphing and creating a necklace with 100 Froot Loops
4. ​Trying to build the tallest tower with 100 Legos ​or cups
5. Using 100 marshmallows and toothpicks to solve a challenge
Also, after spending a few weeks working on a 100th day project in Art, students showcased their pieces to their buddies and Kindergarten friends and teachers. Students will be coming home with these beautiful pieces of art this week as a memory of this special day.
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